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Black-owned Asheville marketing and public relations agency founder and company

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JD Ellison

JD Ellison's service is unmatched. Rooted in the founder's approach to storytelling and keen intuition, we are dedicated to producing work that combines data and perspective to solve problems and create moments that matter. Our work seamlessly blends meticulous attention to detail and localized expertise with the potential for widespread impact. Merging the worlds of politics, business, lifestyle, arts & and culture, we bring an expansive view to opportunities and maneuver nuance with ease. Our ever-growing network and novel approach to culture and community enable us to redefine the consumer-brand relationship and take brands to new heights.

JD Ellison is a consulting firm working with lifestyle brands, consumer goods, and nonprofits. Established in 2018, we offer a human-first approach to brand-building. 

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Tell better stories to
bigger audience.

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  • Campaign Development

  • Language + Narrative

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Channel & Media Strategy

  • Paid Media Strategy

  • Channel & Media Strategy

  • Paid Media Strategy

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  • Consumer Journey

  • Anti-Racist Marketing

  • Brand Messaging

  • Storytelling

  • Reputation  + Crisis Management

  • Media Buying

  • Brand Features

  • Product Placements

  • Consulting + Advisory Services

  • Concept Development

  • Brand Vision

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand & Product Launch

  • Partnerships

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  • Creative Direction

  • Campaign Development

  • Language + Narrative

  • Tone of Voice

  • Content Development

  • Creative Collaborations

  • Concept Development

  • Creative Direction

  • Consumer Activations

  • Cultural Programming

  • Creative Design

  • Production & Logistics

  • Entertainment

  • Sponsorship

  • Guestlist Creation & Management

  • Front of House & Arrival

  • Event Amplification


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