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Don't Ask Your Black Friend

Webinar - 1:1 Consultations - Team Training

This two-hour webinar is designed to equip anyone and everyone on how to craft a message that holds space for the agency of their audience and chip away at the racist business practices at the core of mainstream marketing and business accumen.  More specifically, this is to help white-led businesses and non-Black executives unpack and understand how white supremacy and racism seep into everyday work. This is not a DEI course. This is a pathway.

Our goal is to provide you the necessary tools and understanding for your wide to attract the attract the widest audience while advocating for all people. And before you say you don't need it, I promise you, can benefit from a little help maneuvering our changing world with respect and equity. 

It all started in 2020....

We decided to create this 2-hour course because I was having daily conversations with White business owners who didn't have a clear path to take a stand without being tokenizing. They had questions that they couldn't ask their Black friends - because that's lazy and selfish - and they couldn't ask their White friends - because they were just as confused. Well, now you can ask me. On November 10th, you can join us for a "safe-space" to be confused, to be wrong and to be intentional about your advocacy and your business practices.


Besides the fact that our agency is led by queer-Black marketing professionals, we are also responsible for crafting the language and efforts for multiple equity-based nonprofits.


I'm excited to combine lived-experience with expertise and create a path for growth and change for those brave enough to travel it.


1. 75% of white people do not have non-white friends

2. Asheville is a city that is 90% white,

3. This whole conversation is incredibly awkward



1. Standard business practices and marketing techniques that are inherently racist

2. Liberal trends for equity that are offensive and problematic

3. How to “promote” your anti-racist work

4. How to diversify your audience and customer base without tokenization

5. How to navigate conversations around race

6. What to do if you've been called out

7. How to hold your partners, audience, and yourself accountable.

8. How to maneuver and address the election results

Register Today!

The webinar is a one-time $75 charge. 1:1 Consultations are available as well as group faciliaions and private team training.

Thanks for registering.  You will receive an email and invoice or phone within the next 24 hrs. See you soon.

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