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The Social Responsibility Dept.

The only way to make sure the community continues to benefit from the business sector is to make community work a part of the business model.  - JD Ellison


To be a resource, a catalyst, and a gateway for Black professionals and entrepreneurs to engage with and thrive within the Asheville business sector.

1. Establish comprehensive support
2. Promote inclusivity and diversity
3. Foster a. culture of innovation and collaboration



Our vision is to transform Asheville into a hub of diversity, innovation, and opportunity, where Black professionals and entrepreneurs flourish. We aim to break down barriers, provide essential support, and build a vibrant, inclusive business community that propels every member toward success.

Our Programs

We stand firm in our commitment to the creative process and the incredible individuals who propel it forward. Join us in this venture to nurture creativity and push culture to new heights.

Our Efforts

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