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Bridging Communities, Amplifying Voices, Driving Sustainable Change

Elevating Public Involvement and Minority Business Development in Community Initiatives


Why Us?

In an evolving landscape shaped by pivotal policies like the Inflation Reduction Act and the Justice40 Initiative, JD Ellison and Company stands out as a beacon of cultural intelligence and strategic communication. Our identity as a Black-owned firm with deep roots in the communities we serve empowers us to act as a conduit for meaningful engagement, ensuring that projects in environmental justice, public involvement, and minority business development not only reach but profoundly resonate with targeted communities. We excel in translating complex initiatives into accessible narratives, fostering awareness, and catalyzing action.

JD Ellison is a real change-maker in our community. The firm demonstrates a high level of professionalism at the same time excelling at person-to-person and street level relationships. Their community engagement services have made a measurable difference.


Our Approach

Our commitment to intersectional storytelling is complemented by a robust suite of services designed to elevate public involvement and education in environmental justice and community development. Drawing on best practices from the public involvement pages and the community engagement toolkit on, we craft strategies that prioritize inclusivity, outreach, and active participation. Our work illuminates the pathways through which the Inflation Reduction Act and Justice40 Initiative can transform communities, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued in the dialogue for change.


Our Services

Comprehensive Services for Empowered Communities


Strategic Community and Public Engagement
Fostering authentic dialogue and collaboration.


Environmental Justice Advocacy
Championing sustainable and equitable development.


Culturally Competent Marketing and Outreach
Amplifying messages across diverse audiences.


Minority Business Development Support
Elevating minority entrepreneurs through strategic communication.


Educational Programs and Workshops
Enhancing understanding and involvement in key initiatives.


Impactful Event Design and Production
Curating inclusive experiences that inspire and mobilize.


Comprehensive Content Development
From social media to stakeholder communications, crafting messages that resonate.

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